Prayers That Rout Demons


ISBN-10: 159979246X
ISBN-13: 978-1599792460

This is basically a collection of bible verses arranged together in prayer form. When we pray bible verses we pray God’s promises for our well being, and God, Who is faithful to His word and Who loves us with an infinite love (as exemplified by His Beloved Son Jesus and His sacrifice on the cross) responds with his love and blessings.
My personal experience with this book has been thus: I have over the last few nights started praying some of these prayers, when I awake in the morning, I am positively changed. I feel my soul and body refreshed and cleansed, my mind is clearer, and I feel a greater sense of joy. I wish the title of the book was different, because many people are afraid of demons; but they are nothing to be afraid of. My personal experience with demons, has shown me that demons are in fact terrified of us, when we know and love Our Lord Jesus.
I bought this in the e-book format because I find it very convenient to have on my iphone. I intend on recommending this book to friends and family over the holidays. I praise and thank God for making me aware of the concept of spiritual warfare, and this book is a effective weapon in my spiritual warfare armory.